Dinner this week! Yum!

What you will begin to learn about me is that I LOVE food and I LOVE to cook!  Growing up I always had a fascination with cooking magazines and as I have gotten older and the internet has become the norm I am now a bit Pinterest obsessed.  One blog that I have found via Pinterest and am now in love with is SkinnyTaste.com.   Gina always has healthy and inventive recipes on her site and so far everything I have tried has been delicious!

I find planning a menu for the week provides structure in my life and I find cooking a way to unwind after a tough day.  So from time to time I may share my menu for the week.

This week’s menu: 

Sunday- Linguini, shrimp and broccoli with a creamy cauliflower sauce.

Monday- Quinoa Burgers with a tzatziki sauce and sweet potato fries with a sriracha/light mayo dip.

Tuesday- Pork tenderloin (already seasoned and ready to go thanks Trader Joes!) and zucchini cakes

Wednesday- Breaded eggplant, polenta and marinara  (Cheating a bit on this one- it comes from Trader Joes)

Thursday- Salmon burgers and leftover zucchini cakes

Friday- Dinner Out


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