Eli’s First Birthday


My brother-in-law and sister-in-law have their hands full with the arrival of their second child so I offered to help plan my nephew’s first birthday party.  Eli is an adorable little boy and is also my first nephew so I couldn’t wait to get started!  Eli’s parents wanted to have a BBQ outside so I thought the best theme would be “Barn Yard Animals.”  I started with farm animal invitations that I found on Etsy.

The party was in mid-April so luckily we had decent weather!  I used cows as my inspiration and stuck to using reds, yellows and blacks.  We had red table cloths with animal cracker centerpieces; these also doubled as snacks for the guests.  The animal crackers were in round vases with black and white polka dot ribbons that were secured by cow stickers.  On the food table I used two larger mason jars with yellow gerber daisies.  These were wrapped in the same ribbon with animal stickers.  For drinks we used mason jars with black and white cow straws and personalized water bottles both of which I found on Etsy.

I found a great personalized bib and birthday hat from the Sunshine daydream Creations Etsy store and they were perfect for his birthday cake experience!  Eli had his own birthday cake while the rest of the guests enjoyed vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with barnyard animal cupcake toppers.

I couldn’t find a sign online that I liked so I made two of my own.  I made one to decorate the food table that said “Eli is One” and another for the fence with photos of the birthday boy during each month of his life.

To end the party I did personalized chocolate bars for the guests to take home and enjoy!  PurpleBerryInk designed the wrappers and I printed and wrapped the candy bars.

I had a blast planning the party and I think Eli had fun too!



Animal Crackers Bar Cake Cows Cupcake Toppers Gerbers

Water Bottles

candy bars



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